IfTab Launches Turkey Desk:

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IfTab Launches Turkey Desk:

Strengthening Global Partnerships – IfTab Launches Turkey Desk:

On the vibrant date of March 5th, IfTab, International Forum for Trade and Business, marked a significant milestone in its journey towards fostering #global collaboration and expanding #horizons . Amidst an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, IfTab proudly announced the #signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with “BND Global consultancy Services and Business Development Pvt” – Turkey, Headed by Halime Tastan DASBILEK, Cert(IM) as the Turkey Desk in India.

The signing of the MOU with Turkey represents a pivotal moment for IfTab, symbolising a #strategic partnership aimed at enhancing bilateral trade relations, fostering cross-border #investment, and promoting economic cooperation between India and Turkey. This momentous occasion underscores IfTab’s commitment to forging meaningful alliances with key #stakeholders in the global business community, opening new avenues for #growth and opportunity.

In addition to facilitating business transactions and #fostering collaboration, the MOU with Turkey and the launch of the Turkey Desk hold the promise of promoting cultural exchange, knowledge sharing, and mutual understanding between India and Turkey. Through dialogue, cooperation, and #partnership , IfTab aims to build bridges that transcend geographical boundaries, fostering a spirit of #friendship and cooperation that benefits both #nations .

As IfTab embarks on this new chapter of its #journey , it remains committed to its core values of integrity, excellence, and collaboration. The signing of the MOU and the inauguration of the Turkey Desk represent significant #milestones in IfTab’s quest to create a more #connected , inclusive, and prosperous global business community. With the support of its members and #partners , IfTab looks forward to realising the full potential of this transformative partnership and unlocking new opportunities for growth and #development on the international #stage .

Maheen Khan Halime Tastan DASBILEK, Cert(IM) Prashant Mishra Syed Qais Hayat MD Rounakh khan
IfTab – International Forum for Trade and Business