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IfTab Launches in Bangalore

IfTab Launches in Bangalore: A Momentous Occasion Shaping the Future of Trade and Business

On the 5th of March, Bangalore witnessed a historic event as IfTab, the International Forum for Trade and Business, made its much-awaited debut in the city. The launch, held in the presence of esteemed members of the Board of Advisors (Syed Qais Hayat Architect Dr. Nishant Nathani Dr Padmakshi Lokesh ) and IfTab community, marked the beginning of a new era of collaboration and innovation in the business landscape.

The event was not just a launch but a convergence of insightful sessions, collaborative initiatives, and promising opportunities. In collaboration with the “Bangalore Realtors Association – India” Brai Bangalore , IfTab organised two impactful sessions focusing on “Buyer and Seller Physiology” and “Maximising Social Media Impact” These sessions provided attendees with invaluable insights into consumer behaviour and the evolving role of social media in the business world.

Among the key highlights of the launch was the introduction of the “Turkey Desk – headed by Halime Tastan DASBILEK, Cert(IM) , a strategic initiative aimed at fostering trade relations and partnerships between India and Turkey. This initiative opens up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to explore new markets, forge international collaborations, and expand their global footprint.

In addition, IfTab unveiled its flagship publication, the “IfTab Inside Insight” monthly magazine. Designed exclusively for members, this magazine promises to be a valuable resource, offering industry insights, expert perspectives, and the latest trends to empower businesses and professionals within the IfTab community.

Furthermore, the launch event served as a platform to extend a special invitation to a real estate delegation for Turkey. This invitation underscores IfTab’s commitment to facilitating international collaborations and creating avenues for business growth and expansion on a global scale.

Overall, the launch of IfTab in Bangalore was nothing short of monumental, signalling the dawn of a new era in trade and business. With its collaborative initiatives, insightful sessions, and commitment to fostering international partnerships, IfTab is set to redefine the way businesses connect, collaborate, and thrive in the dynamic global marketplace.

Maheen Khan MD Rounakh khan